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Milan Trip Vol II

Starred Photos123-001

Sorry for absence guys finally I am back :) Ciao ragazzi!  The Duomo in Milan is absolutely magnificent which is one of the major sites in the city near all the shopping areas.The cathedral is the 4th largest church in Europe was beautiful and really a lot bigger than I had imagined.After we had spent time in Duomo,our feet brings us to  the typical touristic spot : the famous Galleria V.E II with all the luxurious shops such as Louis Vuitton and Prada.In addition, in the passage you can clearly see the mosaic which brings you a luck :) The tradition says your heel atop the Bull’s Balls and spin around,if you spind on the ceramic picture of the bull,they say this will bring you good luck and hundreds of tourists rotate around the bull’s genitals every day :) By the way I wasn’t too concerned with taking outfit photos because I really hope that you will enjoy the photos of the city :)Wait for the next Milan posts :) Have a nice week :)

Highlights:Armani Nobu Restaurant,Cafe Radetzky,Bistrot Giacomo,Magnum Pleasure Store

Cia ragazzi :)! Milanoya ayak basan herkesin yolu mutlaka Duomo’ya çıkıyor ve o yüzden benim için hemen hemen Milano eşittir Duomo.

Starred Photos122-001